Bioavailment: stylish and safe

It is possible to achieve a stylish, permanent perm not only with the help of chemicals: not so long ago, an excellent alternative appeared – a bio-perm, which delicately affects the structure of the hair, since harmful components such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are not used during this procedure. Moreover, the composition of bioavailants includes an analog of the protein that makes up human hair.

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The method of bio-curling hair was discovered by Italian specialists about 10 years ago. Since then, this service has been in great demand in beauty salons. In order to get the desired effect with bio-vaccination, it is necessary to apply special products to the hair and, to form the desired curls, wind the hair onto the base (curlers or bobbins). You cannot make a bio-vaccination yourself, if you do not want to spoil your hair, then this procedure should be performed only by a professional who will pre-diagnose your hair and select the appropriate composition according to their type.

At the moment, three types of bioavailants have been developed. They are designed for normal hair, hair weakened by highlighting or coloring, as well as for the type of hair that is difficult to curl.

It is necessary to discuss in advance with the master the question of what effect should be obtained: small curls or a large bioavailment.

Bio-hair extensions have many advantages. Here is a far from complete list of them:

• It will not spoil the hair, will not weaken its shine;

• It will help to change the image;

• Will add extra volume to your hair;

• It will have a positive effect on the structure of the hair, will help to combat the fact that they get fat quickly;

• It will eliminate the need to get up early in the morning and do styling, because with such a hairstyle you will look like you just left the barbershop.

Most likely, every girl, at least once, but will want to make a bio-vaccination with large curls, or maybe with small perky curls or stylish waves.

Improved technologies are being developed every year to achieve the effect of curly hair. Vitamin bioavailment is becoming increasingly popular. This is an innovative method that allows you to create the perfect image by modeling curls and giving your hair maximum volume. The composition used in vitamin bioavailment of large or small curls is based on keratin and millet proteins, which makes curls more resistant and elastic, as well as moisturizes and helps hair look healthier and shinier. 1xSlots Account Registration. Welcome to 1xSlots, where the ultimate online gaming experience awaits you. 1xSlots Casino Registration If you want to experience the best online gaming experience, then 1xslots is the perfect option. The official website is modern, convenient and easy to use. To start playing, you need to register on the platform. The registration process on the 1xslots official website is extremely simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.